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Maui Intersection Outreach
 Maui Intersection Outreach - Dedicated to changing people's lives.
Interested in making a difference? 
​ ​ In the 11 years of ministry Maui Intersection Outreach has been able to help hundreds of men,women and children. We have given out 31,856 bags of groceries and fed 157,663 people hot meals.  Maui Intersection has also helped ​ meet the many needs of the homeless by supplying them with clothing, sleeping bags, diapers ​ and personal hygiene items. We at Maui Intersection Church has taken people to shelters or ​ homes, although we are planning to have a home ourselves in the near future, we have ​ encouraged some to further their education. One even went to college, graduated with a ​ degree and opened a business, other simply got jobs. ​ The Veterans population is growing and they find themselves homeless because of various ​ reasons. ​ Countless people have been reconciled with their families here and on the mainland. ​ Maui Intersection was also privileged to have a  service for our Kupunas (seniors) at ​ Roselani. The joy that is seen in their faces and the love that permeates through them keeps us ​ encouraged.​
While we were still in Maui, the Lord spoke to us saying he was going to move us to Arizona, so we went and both my wife and I were ordained as pastors. We moved back to Maui in August of 2007 to start Maui Intersection Outreach. We saw that there was a lot of work that needed to be done to help uplift the lives of the less fortunate on the island of Maui, and we're doing everything we can to help individuals who are in the dark, those feeling lost, and those afflicted with addictions. We provide services that are geared to nourish people's physical and spiritual needs. We conduct feeding programs that feed the body, as well as ministry services that feed the spirit.
Our Vision
Our goal here at MI Outreach is to help as many people as possible by obtaining a Healing Ranch where people of all ages and all walks of life can come and live, detox, learn a trade, and develop various life skills.

If you would like to join us in our endeavor to help change the lives of individuals who are struggling with various life issues like poverty, addiction, lack of spiritual direction, if you would like to help please call us at (480)-225-3974 or email us at mioutreach1@gmail.com today!